How does Chiropractic work?
On your first visit, we will examine you thoroughly, look at how you move and bend and palpate your spine and look at your posture from head to toe. We Don’t guess, we test for You. We utilize the modern Chiropractic technology to find hidden stress patterns in your spine. We might conduct your back x-rays if required.

At your second visit, The Chiropractor will explain your exam and x-ray results. Typically, your Chiropractic adjustment (hands on and instrument assisted adjusting) will begin. Your care with us involves very specific gentle adjustments to the spine, posture correction exercises and a spinal traction program for home.

How long before I see results?
If you have long standing back problems, it may require an ongoing supportive care for restoring optimal spinal function. Sadly, many people wait too long before they have a spinal examination. Often decay of your spine is advanced and damage to the peripheral nervous system has been ongoing for years or even decades.

Chronic back conditions are often associated with muscle weakness, soft tissue damage in your spine and degenerative changes to the spinal joints. Ask your friendly Chiropractors to help you understand your back health at your first visit.

Approximately how much does a Chiropractic session cost?
We offer NO GAP Initial Chiropractic consult for New Patients, with Private Health cover, which means you simply swipe your Private health card and if you are covered for Extras including Chiropractic, there is no out of pocket expense for you at all. We have on the spot claiming through HICAPS. Our initial consults is 95 dollars( includes Full Spinal X-rays if required) and subsequent consults are 55 dollars.

Do you need a referral from a GP?
Australian Chiropractors are primary health practitioners, which means that a referral is not necessary. Although not necessary, we are always delighted to accept Medicare rebated Chiropractic referrals through Enhanced Primary Care plan. Ask your GP for your entitlements for up to 5 Chiropractic visits under Medicare. Your Doctor of Chiropractic is trained to refer you to a Medical Doctor if required.

Do Chiropractic adjustments hurt?
In the majority of cases, not at all.  Most patients find the adjustments very relaxing. Some patients may experience slight soreness the day after a treatment session, much like an exercise soreness, that settles down shortly.

With some adjustments you may sometimes feel or hear popping sound from the spinal joints. This is simply caused by a gas release from the joint as spinal movement is restored, such as when a wet glass is removed from a table.Some Chiropractors use a hand-held instrument to adjust the spine (Activator instrument USA). Others use pelvic blocks or Drop piece adjusting and to re-align the body. Whatever the technique, Chiropractors use their skill, not too much force or manual strength, to conduct a safe, effective adjustment.

Do I have to have X-Rays?
Based on your specific health condition, it may require taking your spinal X-Rays to get a complete diagnostic assessment of your spine. X-Rays are usually required, if the back problem is long-standing (severe degenerative condition) or there has been an acute trauma. All X-Rays are analysed and reported by your chiropractor. Our policy is, a child will only need x-rays if there has been a major physical trauma.

At LIFE Chiropractic Bundall, we use state of the art Onsite Digital X-Ray Facility, which allows us to take on the spot spinal x-rays with minimal radiation