LIFE Chiropractic Bundall


First Monday of Every Month, 6:30-7:15 (45 mins)


In this workshop, we’ll transparently discuss with you, what we do and how we do things at L.I.F.E Chiropractic Bundall. We will share with you, the facts about how we’re naturally designed to be healthy! We will discuss the cleverness of the systems within our body and how the body adapts to life stresses by default. Many of us have natural postural stresses(micro and macro traumas) that have not been dealt with for years, this affects our body’s capacity to heal and thrive.

Come join us to discuss where real health comes from; taking the holistic, complete approach, gives amplified and long lasting results in comparison to simply masking symptoms.

Tea and Snack provided!

Current Clients: No charge, Family & Friends Welcome

Bookings Essential  Call: 07 5597 2662

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