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Wondering how does a chiropractor work? LIFE Chiropractic Bundall employs a personalized and patient-centered methodology, focusing on the natural alignment of the spine to enhance overall health.

We utilise a range of adjusting styles, from manual adjusting methods through to gentle and effective instrument based methods. Find out more below here to discover about our unique approach to chiropractic care and benefits of chiropractic towards a healthier, more vibrant life.


This technique involves a specially designed table that is compiled of multiple segments that we refer to as ‘drop pieces’. For this style of adjusting you’ll usually be lying face down.  The drop pieces allow for gentle, quick yet controlled adjustments to particular areas of your spine.  Unlike ‘diversified’ adjusting where “popping” of the joint can be heard this is not the case for Thompson Method adjusting. It is for this reason that many people find this style of adjusting comfortable.


A common misunderstanding of the diversified method is “I went to my chiropractor; he cracked my back and put me back in place”. This is certainly NOT what happens as spinal joints ‘rarely go out of place’. Instead what does happen is that the adjustments are designed to restore normal joint integrity and neurological control. This is a technique that all chiropractors in Australia learnt at Universities and Chiropractic colleges. A diversified adjustment involves a high velocity, low amplitude manual adjustment. This usually results in cavitation’s of a joint (a quick, shallow impulse that creates a popping sound). This technique has been very well researched and continues to deliver effective pain relief for those with chronic neck pain, headaches, migraines, ribs and chronic back pain. 


This method uses a small hand-held spring-loaded instrument that delivers a consistent, light but quick thrust to spinal joints. This thrust is an outcome of rapid release of compressed spring mechanism inside the instrument. No cavitation’s or popping of the joint occurs. It is suitable for patients who may not desire or are contradicted for manual adjustments.


S.O.T is a highly accurate clinical analysis procedure that assesses the whole-body health for maximum healing and recovery. It involves an assessment of your posture, balance, joint health, muscle strength, organ functioning, cranial (skull system) and neurological patterns of movement. S.O.T is directed at relieving stress on your nervous system, it also assists with recovery of muscles, discs and ligaments. This technique involves the use of pelvic blocks, specific breathing patterns and gentle chiropractic work to the spine, skull, jaw and organ systems to bring desired neurological changes.


Your chiropractor will design an individual home exercise program to help you strengthen and stretch the affected muscles and soft tissues. This is to help you create healthy posture habits in order to prevent injuries.  We host regular ‘advanced posture workshops’ for you to learn tips on maintaining and correcting postural patterns. Using Thera-bands, you will participate in a 30-minute group retraining session with Dr Sumit and our team. This workshop is highly recommended for all our new clients.


Kinesio tape is a thin, stretchy and elastic 100% cotton self-adhesive strip. It is applied over muscles and soft tissues in your neck, upper back and lower back areas as well as upper and lower extremity. Kinesio Tape is a valuable addition to the chiropractic adjustments. It promotes strength and balance in postural muscles, enhances circulation in soft tissues and assists with joint stability. Please book in to one of our Rock tape (Kinesio tape) workshop to experience being taped for your affected body part.

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