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Welcome to our beautiful boutique home studio based in Santa Barbara, Hope Island. This is an extension of our established chiropractic clinic in Bundall, Gold Coast where Dr Sumit has been serving the local community for over a decade now. Our Hope Island chiro home studio is more than just a physical expansion; it’s a testament to our dedication to the well-being of the Hope Island community. 

A Haven for Holistic Healing

This space has been thoughtfully curated, and is a place of healing and vitality. Step inside and dedicate time to nourishing your nervous system, which is the essence of true chiropractic care. This is why our home studio sessions are longer and specifically tailored to getting you back to feeling, moving and functioning better. Dr Sumit will create a care plan for you: at your initial chiropractic consultation Dr Sumit will perform a comprehensive neurological and spinal assessment to ensure the best plan to remove spinal tension and unease from your body so that you can step onto the healing path again.

Why Choose Our Hope Island Chiro Home Studio?

Personalised, private and longer sessions.

Whether you’re dealing with back pain, neck pain, headaches, exploring possible sciatica treatment, or other health concerns, our comprehensive approach to care has you covered. Adjustment sessions incorporate a multitude of healing modalities such as; soft tissue and fascial release, myofascial cupping and a blend of chiropractic methods: drop piece, diversified and activator.

Our Approach

1: Initial Session

Welcome to our healing studio. We look forward to meeting you and understanding what you are seeking in order to live with more ease and comfort. In this session we discover what is actually happening in your body, how we can help you in the studio as well as offering advice for outside of the studio. It’s all about giving you clarity, reassurance and support so you can enjoy your journey back to wellness. We do this via listening, thorough assessments and analysis protocols that can find the root cause of your discomfort. From here we can decide whether chiropractic care is appropriate for you. If yes, we will get started on the day. Please allow 30 minutes for this session.

2: Adjustment Sessions

This is hands on. Why? Because caring touch has the ability to tune and slow your heart and brain waves. This means your whole nervous system has a wonderful opportunity to relax. Let’s get you out of the mode of fight and flight and instead into rest and digest. It’s about rebuilding the foundations – going back to your natural state, which is a state of awareness, strength, and ease. This is where your body is able re-balance and recover…. and so the healing begins. 

3: Mapping your Progress

This is about taking a moment to see how far you’ve come in your journey towards reaching your health goals. It’s empowering to acknowledge the shift in your wellness. How we map this is through clinical reassessments.

In the heart of Santa Barbara

Nestled into the leafy suburb of Santa Barbara, Hope Island and underneath a magnificent gum tree is our boutique home studio.


We are located at 6 Babirra St, Hope Island QLD 4212, Australia.

Please park onto our driveway, 2 car spaces are provided. There is also an option for off-street parking in front of the home. Follow the wooden steps and garden pavers up to the studio.

See you soon!

About Life Chiro Bundall

At LIFE Chiro Bundall, we believe in gentle, effective chiropractic care to help you get back to living life in full expression. Our experienced chiropractors use manual adjustments and other natural approaches to address the root cause of your pain, not just mask the symptoms. Consistently rated among the best chiropractors in Gold Coast, LIFE Chiro Bundall has been helping Gold Coast residents achieve remarkable results with personalized chiropractic care since 2013.

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